in DaVinci Resolve

Modular course
for specialists
any level
60 lessons
Lessons consisting of practice and real projects
Experience of a true professional
The course is based on many years of experience and international projects
7 practices
Use of learned knowledge
What will you know?
How to create a creative look for Cinema, ADs and Music video.
• How to perform a creative video challenge
• How to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently
• How to interact with the customer

What can you do after training?
Improve the quality of the videos you shoot.
• Earn on colorcorrection from $400 per day.
• Get a cinematic view from any camera

Who is this course for?
For those who want to create movies, advertisements and clips
You will understand how the process works
and see the difference in practice. Create a video, build a portfolio and start a career in the film or television industry.
For bloggers, filmmakers, cameramen and editors
Освоить DaVinci на продвинутом уровне, научитесь создавать атмосферные ролики. Поймёте, как получать киношную картинку, доносить больше смыслов и сможете привлечь новую аудиторию.
Experienced video editors
Learn DaVinci at an advanced level, learn how to create atmospheric videos. You will understand how to get a cinematic picture, convey more meanings and be able to attract a new audience.
What about Price?
60 lectures
7 practical lessons
3 real projects (Music video, Cinema, advertising)
Access to lessons FOREVER
Practice Materials Library

Full course program:
4 modules | 60 lessons | 14+ hours
• Only important theory
• Practice on real projects
• From equipment to portfolio
Update 02 July 2022
Lessons added:
• Training of work with colorwheels
• Color Boost vs. Saturation
• Checking the quality of LUTs and grades
• What is DCP? How to do it?
Show main program
Getting Started, Course Information
• Greetings
• About the course
• About the training plan
• About course additions
About DaVinci Resolve - Getting Started
• About DaVinci Resolve
• First launch and setup of the program
• Creation and correct setting of the program

    Editing and organization of work
    • Correct creation of the project and effective work with the material
    • Editing Tools in DaVinci Resolve
    • Round trip - transferring projects from other programs
      Preparing to work with color
      • Introduction to color correction - color theory
      • Learning "reading" scopes
      Working with Color - Getting Started
      • Working with color spaces and gamuts
      • Advanced BlackMagic RAW Options
      The work of the colorwheels
      • Wheel usage (PW, LW)
      Primary Corrections - Primaries
      • Primary corrections part 1 - Primaries
      • Primary corrections part 2 - Frame matching
      • Primary corrections part 3 - Saturation
      Secondary Corrections - Secondaries
      • Secondary corrections part 1 - Secondaries - Window
      • Secondary corrections part 2 - Secondaries - Qualifier
      • Secondary corrections part 3 - Secondaries - 3D-keying
      • What is LUT
      • Fast grading with LUT
      • Advanced grading part 1 - Theory
      • Advanced grading part 2 - Toning
      • Advanced grading part 3 - Reverse toning
      • Noise reduction, Motion BLUR, Skin retouching
      • Chroma Key
      • Manual in-depth skin retouching
      • Stylization part 1 - Relight
      • Stylization part 2 - Advanced Techniques
      • Stylization part 3 - Decorations and improvements
      • Stylization part 4 - Secrets
      Project optimization
      • Project optimization with color
      • What are the sources
      Deliver room
      • Render types and correct settings
      Tips and Instructions
      • About the work and life of a colorist
      • Colorist's equipment
      Practices and assignments on the topics:
      • Music video NEW
      • Cinema NEW
      • Promotional video (coming soon)
      • Video on YouTube (coming soon)
      • Event-video (coming soon)
      • №1 Frame balancing (exposure and white balance)
      • №2 Frame matching (exposure, white balance, tint)
      • №3 Local corrections (secondaries)
      • №4 Grading, toning, stylization
      • №5 COMPLETE work on the project

      1. Learn Theory
      Find out extremely useful information. Only the knowledge that is used in this work.
      2. Practice
      Complete tasks to learn how to apply the acquired knowledge.
      3. Train
      Remember how to work with real projects.
      I give you those projects that I have already completed myself.

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      Eugene Ivakin
      DI Colorist, ICG member - Course author
      My goal is to make sure that, at the end of the course, you not only know how to "do it beautifully",
      but understood what it was for. You will learn only useful knowledge, only applied information, only useful information. You will learn how to work with any cameras, make
      from a "flat" picture - juicy. You will understand what CINEMA COLOR is,
      because color is not just pixels, but a conscious work with the viewer.
      I will give you all my knowledge that I have accumulated while working.
      on projects for "Aqua Minerale", "Tikkurila", "Subaru", "Toyota", "Cornetto", etc.
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